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If looking for a winter destination, you need not look much further than the Alpine wonderland in Central Europe, Austria. Although a major winter sports hub, Austria offers a plethora of other reasons to visit and stay a while, from its long and storied history to the valleys dotted with picturesque lakes and towns.

Planning a trip to Austria may seem overwhelming at first due to the countless „must see“ destinations and attractions crowding the countryside. Fortunately for travelers, 2 of the most attractive cities sit opposite each other, Salzburg at the western border with Germany and Vienna just next to the eastern and northern borders with Slovakia and the Czech Republic, offering perfect bases for exploring the country and dipping into neighboring destinations such as Bratislava, Prague, and München.

Those who opt for a stay in the capital, Vienna, not only have world famous attractions at their fingertips such as the Schonnbrunn palace, Hofburg and Belvedere palace but also unlock the option for plenty of day excursions in the surroundings. Those who are eager for urban exploration have 3 nearby capitals, all easily visited and explored within a day from Vienna, with Bratislava just a hop over the border to the east, a short drive north to Prague and Hungary's Budapest just a bit south from Bratislava.

Vienna's surroundings also welcome all who look to enjoy the countryside and smaller towns with attractions such as the  Wachau valley, Melk,  Baden bei Wien just within arms-reach from the capital of Austria.

Salzburg hardly lags behind Vienna as a major destination on every traveler's map and is much more than just an interesting tour for fans of the Sound of Music. The birthplace of Mozart, also known as the White City, offers easy reach to the Alpine peaks in the south and countless charming mountain villages, one of which is Hallstatt in the resort area of Salzkammergut.

At the end of the day, there is no wrong place to stay and go in Austria, as the country overflows with natural, historical and urban attractions, with most being just a day trip away.