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Shining brightest in the hot summer months, Croatia's most popular destinations lie on the shores of the Adriatic. From the Istrian peninsula in the North to the touristy juggernaut Dubrovnik in the South, travelers can easily spend weeks exploring just the shoreline of Croatia.

The shoreline is decorated with over a thousand islands, and the nearby shore itself holds many historic cities where travellers will find countless attractions from time periods ranging from the ancient times of the Romans, such as Diocletian's palace in Split, to more modern and unique attractions such as the Monument to the Sun and the Sea Organ in Zadar.

But, even though Croatia is hailed as a must-visit summer destination, winter-time visitors might be surprised to find more than enough to entertain themselves with further inland to the north. The capital, Zagreb, boasts the best Christmas market in Europe for 3 years already. The capital itself is an ideal base for exploring the region as nearby travelers will be able to reach out to countless picturesque small villages such as Kumrovec and find medieval castles further east such as the Trakoscan castle.

Slovenia, Hungary and Austria are all easy day trips from Zagreb as well with Ljubljana, Maribor, Graz and Budapest just within arms reach from the Croatian capital.

Whether visiting in the hot summer months or holiday days in the winter, Croatia is never a bad choice to stop by and explore.