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Nestled in the heart of Central Europe, Serbia is a fascinating country where cultures, civilizations, traditions, and landscapes converge and mingle.

Serbia is a country of 29 districts with Belgrade as the capital. Not only is this the most populated city in the whole of Serbia, but it is also one of the most populated cities in the whole Europe. The country actually stands in the part of the Roman empire and many Roman emperors were born here.

Today, Serbia is modern, democratic country with rich, centuries-long history whose national parks, amazing mountains, fertile river valleys and breathtaking hills of Šumadija, agricultural regions of the Pannonian Plain, well-preserved forests, rivers, and lakes make it a perfect location for an active outdoor holiday. Gigantic churches and monasteries are a very important part of Serbian empire and culture and people here are especially proud of these architectural pieces that witness the rise and fall of the state.

As you pass through Serbian cities and regions you can hear many stories about patriotism, valor and the struggle for freedom which is why many say it is a country of millions of impressions that has been at the center of Europe’s and the world’s attention for centuries.

Being the country of actions and adventure, Serbia and its pearls Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kopaonik, Zlatibor and the spa towns of Vrnjačka Banja, Niška Banja, and Sokobanja welcome many tourists from different parts of the world greeting them with rakija and warm-hearted, traditional, three-kiss hello.

The country is generally safe to visit and the locals are polite and helpful which is always good to know especially if you find yourself here for the first time and you require any additional assistance. The official language here is Serbian, but people in Serbia tend to have an excellent command of English as well.  As for the money, the official currency in the country is Serbian dinar.

There are of course many other interesting facts about this amazing country and one thing is sure all these unknown secrets and facts might spark anyone's interest to visit and research in depths this fascinating landlocked Balkan country.


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