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Settled since the early Paleolithic era, Slovakia or the Slovak Republic as many call it, is a landlocked country in Central Europe which borders five European countries – Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine. The country was divided into regions due to tourism purposes and Western, Central and Eastern Slovakia are the most popular ones.

Slovakia reached its independence from Austro- Hungary in 1918 and since that time this small country narrates remarkable stories about well-preserved history, natural wonders, tradition, and culture.

It is a country of natural splendor, historical monuments, castles, splendid landscapes, unique culture and traditions, numerous natural parks and various nature preserves. Examples of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque ornament many cities and there are numerous examples of well-preserved wooden folk architecture as well.

Bratislava is the country's capital which is a mixture of Baroque, Socialist and modern attracting many visitors because it is very close to other European cities like Vienna, Budapest, and Prague. Unique untouched nature, people, diversity and historical development gradually brought a country's regional breakdown making Slovakia attractive to visitors from different parts of the world.

One of the most interesting facts about this compact country is that there are 180 castles and 425 chateaux in Slovakia many of which attract thousands of visitors every year. Medieval Spiš Castle, Bratislava Castle, Orava Castle or Bojnice Castle are the most popular ones. The country keeps on surprising because there are 6000 caves and 1300 mineral springs that have been discovered representing unique natural wonders. There are also 9 national parks and 14 protected landscape areas which is why this region becomes literally a paradise for tourists. Slovakia belongs to the Eurozone countries although it is not a member of the European Union.

Offical language is Slovak, and Euro is its sole currency. Slovaks are by nature hospitable, friendly and open-minded, and they will make sure you feel like a local once you decide to visit this unique tourist destination in the heart of Europe.