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How do I make my booking?

You can make an online reservation of any of our excursions/tours through the online booking form displayed on the right side of the page on a specific excursion/tour.

Just select the date of your visit, type in the number of passengers and follow the instructions to complete your payment. Select your card type, fill in the card details and pay. Shortly after completing your booking online, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your reservation handily packaged together. If the booking is unsuccessful for any reason, you will be redirected to the booking page with an error message, explaining why your booking attempt has failed. If you are not sure why this has happened or don’t understand the error message, get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

In case you want to book some of our other services, they are available upon request. Contact us via e-mail info@supertours.eu or send us your quote directly through our online booking form to schedule your tour.

How can I find my driver?

We will communicate your exact meeting point via email you left us when you made the booking. At arranged pick up/meeting point, our driver/guide will wait for you with Supertours sign and logo displayed. Keep in mind that we always pick up our guests at the nearest meeting point available.

How can I know my tour is confirmed?

Firstly, you have to fill in and/or provide all necessary details upon booking your tour/s. Once you have completed the booking process you will receive a confirmation email containing your booking number and the voucher/s for the services booked. The voucher will be your proof of payment so please bring it with you on the day of your tour and present this voucher (printed or in electronic format) to guide at the beginning of the tour.

It is your responsibility to provide Supertours with the correct contact information and related details and the email address you give us must be correct, because we’ll use it to send your ticket confirmations and important travel information regarding the trip, including the place and time of pick-up. Please check that our emails aren’t blocked by your internet service provider or sent to your spam folder.

How does my payment work?

We accept payments by bank transfer and credit card/debit card payments with Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club. Card payments are made online through a secure payment gateway.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your card will only be charged if the booking has been confirmed exactly as quoted. If we are unable to confirm your booking as quoted, you will not be charged.

Can I complete my booking without a credit card?

Yes, a valid credit card is required to confirm your reservation but exceptionally, for last-minute reservations, we allow payment on site. For that purpose, the Client is obligated to ask confirmation of on-site payment by a phone call or by email.

What if I'm not satisfied with your services, what can I do?

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. If you feel the service was not provided to your satisfaction, please feel free to reach out to our support team at reservations@supertours.eu. They will be happy to assist you. While we don’t guarantee a refund, we’ll work with you to find the optimal solution.

How long does a refund take?

If approved, your refund will typically arrive within 10 business days. Once a refund is issued, usually, a bank transfer takes between 0–3 working days to appear back in your account.

If you paid by credit or debit card, the refund can take up to 10 working days to go back into your account. The reason it can take so long is that both our provider and the bank that issued your card need to process the refund. But if you’ve been waiting for more than 10 working days, please get in touch with us so we can check if something’s gone wrong.

Are Supertours trips guaranteed to depart?

All of our small group tours are guaranteed to depart. That means that once you book your trip it’s confirmed to run, regardless of how many other travellers have booked. You can easily tell which departures are guaranteed by looking for 'Small Group Guaranteed Tours'.

Minimum guest requirement

In every other case, Supertours reserves the right to cancel the tour if the minimum number of guests has not been reached – even if guests have booked and fully paid by that time. In such cases where the minimum of participants is not reached, we will refund your money as soon as possible but Supertours will not be liable for any additional costs or losses incurred by the guest due to the cancellation of the tour because of a lack of participation.

What kind of documentation do I need to bring to my activity?

While passport holders from many countries do not need a visa to travel to Croatia, you always double-check the entry requirements before you book anything. If you booked a trip into neighbouring countries such as Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina keep in mind that these countries are not part of Europian Union and thus require a valid passport.

I have a disability - Can I join Supertours trips?

Supertours is committed to making travel widely accessible, regardless of ability or disability. We ask that you carefully consider whether you are physically and mentally able to complete the itinerary you have chosen, recognising that some of our trips last for the whole day.

Where we can we will make reasonable adjustments to the operation of our trips to facilitate the requirements of disabled travellers – such as booking ground floor accommodation or communicating with our tour leader to save you a front seat if such treatment is desirable. Please note that this kind of things must be noted in advance.

Many travellers with disabilities have been able to enjoy our trips by travelling with a friend or companion who can assist with specific needs. If joining a group trip is not practical we may be able to provide you with a private departure.

Can I cancel my reservation?

If you want to change or cancel a reservation, please contact our Reservations Department via email reservations@supertours.eu, send us your quote directly through our website or give us a call +385 91 377 6680. We suggest that you carefully read the cancellation policy when booking which is specified in our general terms and conditions.


Should you need assistance, will be more than happy to help you. Contact us via email reservations@supertours.eu, send us your quote directly through our website or give us a call +385 91 377 6680 and our friendly team from Reservations department will be happy to talk to you and handle your booking. Please have your booking reference number ready.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5.00pm (Dubrovnik, UTC/GMT+2). Outside of these hours, we have staff processing bookings who are available to answer all your questions from Monday to Sunday 6:00am to 12:00am.


All rates are quoted in Euros. You can choose from a range of currencies when you pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Club. These options are available for many countries and are offered on each product page when booking (can be found in the upper right corner of the online booking form).

Whilst Supertours does not charge any handling fee in addition to the amount stated on our website, please note that credit cardholders are typically charged foreign transaction fees by their card's issuing bank if they pay in a non-local currency. Please check with your bank if you have any queries before making a purchase.


If you need to make any changes to a confirmed reservation, please contact Supertours directly to submit a change request for your booking.

You can correct spelling mistakes and title changes free of charge as well as departure date but only if there is a justified reason behind this (for example, in case of illness) whether the minimum number of guests has been met and of course if there's still an available seat for the specific excursion.


During the high summer season (July and August), you can bring a bottle of water and something to eat for your breakfast considering the summer jams in Croatia and border crossing procedures.

Also, it might be a good idea to bring umbrellas/raincoats. Of course, this is optional based on the local weather. Umbrellas might be useful to keeping the sun off you on really hot days as well as rain.

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes and most importantly, don’t forget your passports and have your camera ready! We are looking forward to welcoming you soon in Croatia. Enjoy your trip. Bon, voyage!