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Terms & Conditions



The subject matter of this Contract is the regulation of the mutual relations of the travel organizer – the travel agency Super Tours d.o.o. (hereinafter SUPER TOURS) and the CUSTOMER i.e. the travel contractor in the case where the travel contractor concludes this contract in behalf of a third party (hereinafter CUSTOMER). This Travel Contract contains General Conditions and Directives for Travel Arrangements, i.e. it refers to the travel program that contains all necessary data. The Contract is considered binding upon signing by an employee of the agency (an employee of the SUPER TOURS or any other person authorized for the sales of SUPER TOURS and by the CUSTOMER and upon total payment of the travel arrangement or a portion of the payment if payment of the remaining amount by the agreed date is indisputably insured by the CUSTOMER.

If the CUSTOMER is not able to personally sign the Contract, the Contract assumes legal effect only when SUPER TOURS receives the entire agreed amount of the cost of the travel arrangement or if such is specifically agreed upon, a portion of the agreed payment and documentation that indisputably insures the payment of the remaining portion of payment by the agreed date. The CUSTOMER may register for a voyage in all branch offices of SUPER TOURS as well as other authorized agencies in person, by telephone, Internet or other means of remote communication. When concluding a Contract, the CUSTOMER is obliged to provide personal data and duly provide all documentation necessary of the organization of the voyage. The CUSTOMER guarantees that SUPER TOURS has been provided with correct and valid data necessary for the undisturbed realization of the voyage and accepts all legal obligations deriving from this Contract and from legal regulations.


In order to confirm a reservation, upon registration the CUSTOMER pays 30% of the price of the travel arrangement (if the program does not state otherwise). The remaining cost of the arrangement is paid no later than 21 days before the beginning of the trip or documentation guaranteeing the indisputable payment of the total cost of the travel arrangement is provided. If the CUSTOMER does not execute his obligations no later than 21 days before the beginning of the trip, the reservation will be considered cancelled without the possibility of refunding any advanced payments.  

As a rule, (unless stipulated otherwise in the tour program) the package price shall include:

-    transport services
-    hotel and catering services
-    travel packages

If mentioned in the tour program, the price can also include the costs of services of professional and local guides and other services offered in the program. The package price does not include (unless agreed otherwise):

-    Optional (elective) excursions and visits
-    Costs of obtaining and issuing visas, if any
-    Tickets for facilities to be visited

All types of special services (single bedroom, special diet, etc.) shall be paid by the CUSTOMER and must be ordered during booking. If a CUSTOMER asks for a special service during the tour, it shall be paid for it directly to the guide or the Agency representative, in the currency of the respective country.


Prices of all packages are based on the exchange rate of the Croatian kuna and foreign currencies. SUPER TOURS may ask for an increase of the agreed price in case the following occurred after the contract was entered into:

-    A change of exchange rates in relation to the program publication date
-    A change of transport costs (fuel, road toll, etc.)
-    A change in fees of hotels or carriers
SUPER TOURS may inform CUSTOMERS of the change in writing or verbally. The agreed price may not be increased in the period of seven days prior to the start of the tour, save for exceptions from Paragraph 1 of this Article. If the price increase should exceed 10% of the agreed price, the CUSTOMER may cancel the tour free of charge no later than 48 hours of receiving a written notice. If the CUSTOMER should fail to cancel the tour within the stated term either personally at the point-of-sale or in writing, it shall be deemed that they agree to the price change. The CUSTOMER undertakes to accept the price increase of up to 10%. The published prices are the result of contracts SUPER TOURS has with its partners and may not correspond to the prices stated on the location, at the destination of the CUSTOMER’s stay.


Please pay attention to discounts for children and other benefits which are specified in the package description.


The CUSTOMER shall be provided with all travel documents (vouchers and written notices, if any) no later than 5 days prior to departure, unless stated otherwise in the program.


CUSTOMER must have valid personal travel documents. Invalid documents leading to the cancellation of the travel shall not result in any harmful consequences for SUPER TOURS and, if SUPER TOURS should suffer additional damages due to such an omission by a CUSTOMER, the CUSTOMER must compensate the damages suffered. If a travel document should be lost or stolen during travel, the costs of issuing new documents shall be borne by the CUSTOMER. Agency staff shall assist the CUSTOMER in such a situation, taking care of the normal course of the program thereby. If a certain travel requires a visa, SUPER TOURS may assist in obtaining such visa at a special additional fee. SUPER TOURS shall not be held responsible for decisions by customs or police or other state authorities banning passenger's entry into a particular country.


If a CUSTOMER should cancel the booking, SUPER TOURS shall keep the following amounts from the full package price:

-    up to 30 days prior to departure, 10% of the package price, and no less than HRK 100.00
-    29 to 22 days prior to departure, 25% of the package price
-    21 to 15 days prior to departure, 40% of the package price
-    14 to 8 days prior to departure, 80% of the package price
-    7 to 0 days prior to the departure, 100% of the package price
-    after the departure, 100% of the package price

The stated costs of cancellation shall also apply to changes of the departure date or the type of the accommodation facility, i.e. the type of the room/apartment, and to all other major changes. A cancellation scale that may differ from the stated one is included in a specific program and catalogue to which it refers. If a CUSTOMER cancelling the tour finds a new beneficiary of the same booking, who meets the anticipated requirements, SUPER TOURS shall charge only the costs caused by the replacement. If all packages should be cancelled, the costs for obtaining visa/s or travel documents are not refunded. If a CUSTOMER cancels the tour or shortens the travel due to bad weather conditions, SUPER TOURS shall apply the above mentioned scale and subsequent complaints shall not be acknowledged.


Accommodation facilities offered in SUPER TOURS programs are described according to the official categorization of the respective country, valid at the moment of the program publication. Diet, modern conveniences and all other services offered by hotels/apartments are supervised by local tourist boards, while the standards of accommodation and services differ and are not comparable. SUPERT TOURS assumes no responsibility for any verbal or written information differing from the description of services and facilities in the published programs obtained from a third party.The accommodation arrangement in rooms or pensions is determined locally by the reception desk. If the CUSTOMER had not specifically arranged a room/pension with certain characteristics, he will accept any officially registered and available room/pension in each individual facility or destination described in the travel program. Accommodation is not possible before 16:00 on the day initiating the utilization of the services, and the same shall be vacated by 10:00 on the day completing the utilization of the services, if not differently stated in the travel program. For later arrivals in accommodation facilities (after 20:00), it is necessary to inform SUPER TOURS of such beforehand, no later that one day before voyage departure, if such a later arrival had not been foreseen in the travel program.


The cost of booking at the time when there are no availabilities for the requested packages is HRK 100.00. By receiving the payment of the stated amount, SUPER TOURS accepts the booking per request and secures the additional place (place per request). If the additional place is secured and accepted by the CUSTOMER, the previously paid cost of booking per request shall be included in the price of the package.

If SUPER TOURS is unable to confirm the booking per request, the amount paid for the booking per request shall be fully refunded to the CUSTOMER. Declining the offered booking shall result in SUPER TOURS keeping the paid amount for the purpose of covering the cost of booking per request.


If the sufficient number of passengers has not booked the program, SUPER TOURS reserves the right to cancel the travel no later than 5 days prior to the tour start date. The minimum number of passengers required for a specific travel shall be specially marked on each program/package. SUPER TOURS also reserves the right to a full or partial change of the tour program in case extraordinary circumstances should occur that could not have been anticipated or avoided before the tour start date. SUPER TOURS reserves the right to change the date or the time of the departure due to a change in the flight schedule or the onset of unanticipated circumstances, as well as the right to change the itinerary if there should be a change in travel conditions such as: the changed flight schedule, safety conditions in a country, (unfavorable) weather conditions without compensating the damages, and according to the current regulations in the international traffic. If the tour is cancelled by SUPER TOURS, the CUSTOMER shall be entitled to the full refund of the amount paid, not including the compensation of damages.


If during travel registration, the CUSTOMER foresees that he may terminate his voyage due to specific situations, we recommend the payment of a policy of travel termination insurance. Termination insurance cannot be paid retrospectively, only during the process of travel registration. Termination insurance shall be applied in the following situations only, with the obligatory written confirmation: military draft, illness, death of an immediate family member. If the CUSTOMER does not possess a travel termination policy and must terminate his voyage and has a confirmation of military draft, illness or death, SUPER TOURS reserves the right of disbursement in accordance with regulations stated in Cancellation Policy. Upon termination of a travel arrangement, the expenses of visa obtainment are not disbursed even if the CUSTOMER has a termination insurance policy. With the payment of a termination insurance policy, the CUSTOMER transmits all his claims onto the insurance provider of the termination insurance policy in possession, and SUPER TOURS shall be obliged to insure all necessary documentation for the CUSTOMER for actualizing the claims of the CUSTOMER toward the insurance provider, and which pertains to the travel arrangement. All termination conditions are stated in the insurance policy and we recommend that each CUSTOMER read them carefully.


The CUSTOMER is obliged to notify SUPER TOURS of all facts in regards to his health, habits, etc. that may jeopardize the progress of the voyage (if due to health or other reasons, a specific type of food is necessary, if chronically ill, if allergies are present, etc.). In some programs, special travel rules are stated, which include mandatory vaccinations and the acquisition of pertinent documentation. The CUSTOMER shall be obliged to execute mandatory vaccinations as well as be in possession of confirmation and documents thereof. We recommend obtaining a health insurance policy.


CUSTOMERS must comply with all foreign exchange and customs regulations, laws and other by-laws of the Republic of Croatia and other countries through which they travel and where they stay. If the tour cannot be continued because a CUSTOMER has violated the regulations, all incurred costs shall be borne solely by the person having violated the regulations.


Transport of baggage by airplane is free of charge up to the weight defined by the airline carrier. The CUSTOMER pays for the excess baggage according to the current prices of the airline carrier. Regardless of their age, children are not entitled to the baggage transport in air transport that is free of charge. In case of bus transport, a CUSTOMER may have 2 pieces of personal baggage. CUSTOMERS must take care of their belongings brought on the bus and are obliged to bring them along whenever leaving the bus. Otherwise, CUSTOMERS shall be responsible for theft, loss or damage of objects left unattended in the bus.


SUPER TOURS undertakes to care about provision of services and the selection of service providers in accordance with the best business practices, and to take care of the CUSTOMERS' rights and interests in compliance with the best tourism practices. SUPER TOURS undertakes to provide the CUSTOMER with all the contracted services for a particular package, and to provide answers in case of possible failure to perform services or a part of services. SUPER TOURS shall fulfill all the obligations stated in its programs fully and as described, except in the event of Force Majeure or changed circumstances. In such cases, agency shall offer a substitute solution if possible. SUPER TOURS is not obliged to provide services beyond these Terms and Conditions. SUPER TOURS is not responsible for possible print errors.


The CUSTOMER undertakes to personally meet the conditions anticipated by the regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the country through which or to which they travel, and to observe the house rules in hotel and other facilities, to cooperate with the representative of the organizer and with service providers. The CUSTOMER is personally responsible for any damages caused, particularly for the damages that are the result of failure to observe the contract and these General Terms and Conditions. The CUSTOMER shall cover the incurred damages immediately at the hotel reception desk and at another place stipulated by the physical or legal entity who suffered the damages.


Pursuant to the Tourism Act, in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of Super Tours, Customers caught by it while travelling, as well as persons who made down payments for a travel should contact the provider stated on the travel certificate or on another corresponding document as soon as possible. Insurance company Jadransko osiguranje d.d. Zagreb, policy number OV0688005533.


The CUSTOMER provides personal data voluntarily. Personal data of the CUSTOMER are necessary in the process of realization of the requested service. These shall also be used for further mutual communication. SUPER TOURS undertakes not to export the CUSTOMER’s personal data abroad, or provide any third persons with such information, except for the purposes of realization of the requested service. The exception to providing third persons with CUSTOMER’s personal data regards the contracting of insurance for the risk of cancellation, insurance from consequences of accident and illness, insurance from risk of damage and loss of baggage and voluntary health insurance of persons during travelling and staying abroad. If the CUSTOMER should take out an insurance policy, personal data shall be forwarded to the insurance company. CUSTOMER’s personal data shall be kept in a database, pursuant to the Decision of the Administration regarding the manner of collecting, processing and keeping personal data. The CUSTOMER allow their personal data to be used for the purposes of SUPER TOURS marketing activities.


These General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Contract that a CUSTOMER concludes with SUPER TOURS, i.e. an authorized travel agency in which he/she booked a travel organized by SUPER TOURS. Possible/anticipated deviations from these Conditions must be stated with the text of the tour program. By signing the contract, the CUSTOMER fully accepts the program and the conditions of the travel. If we act as agent for travel arrangement from other tour operators, their terms and conditions apply. This issue of the Terms and Conditions of travel includes all the earlier issues.



Predmet ovog ugovora je uređenje međusobnih odnosa organizatora putovanja – turističke agencije Super Tours doo (u daljnjem tekstu SUPER TOURS) i PUTNIKA odnosno ugovaratelja putovanja u slučaju kad ugovaratelj putovanja sklapa ovaj ugovor u korist treće osobe kao putnika (u daljnjem tekstu PUTNIK). Ovaj ugovor o putovanju sadrži i Opće uvjete i uputstva za turističke aranžmane, odnosno poziva se na program putovanja koji sadrži sve potrebne podatke. Ugovor se smatra obvezujućim nakon što su ga potpisali djelatnik agencije (djelatnik agencije SUPER TOURS ili bilo koje druge ovlaštene za prodaju aranžmana SUPER TOURS-a) i PUTNIK te nakon što PUTNIK u cijelosti uplati cijenu turističkog aranžmana ili dio cijene te nesporno osigura plaćanje preostalog iznosa do ugovorenog datuma. Ukoliko putnik nije u mogućnosti osobno potpisati ugovor, ugovor proizvodi pravne učinke tek kad SUPER TOURS primi cijeli ugovoreni iznos cijene aranžmana ili ako je to izričito ugovoreno, dio ugovorene cijene i dokumentaciju kojom se nesporno osigurava uplata preostalog dijela cijene do ugovorenog datuma. Putnik se za putovanje može prijaviti u svim poslovnicama SUPER TOURS-a osobno, telefonom, internetom ili nekim drugim načinom daljinske komunikacije. Prilikom sklapanja ugovora putnik je dužan dati osobne podatke i pravodobno dostaviti svu dokumentaciju potrebnu za organiziranje putovanja. PUTNIK jamči da je SUPER TOURS-u dao ispravne i važeće podatke potrebne za nesmetanu realizaciju putovanja te prihvaća sve zakonske obveze koje proizlaze iz ovog ugovora i pozitivnih zakonskih propisa.


Prilikom prijave, za potvrdu rezervacije, putnik uplaćuje 30% cijene aranžmana (ukoliko u programu nije navedeno drugačije). Ostatak do ukupne cijene aranžmana uplaćuje se najkasnije 21 dan prije početka putovanja ili se osigurava dokumentacija za nespornu naplatu ukupne cijene aranžmana. Ukoliko PUTNIK ne ispuni svoju obavezu do najkasnije 21 dan prije polaska na put, smatrat će se da je odustao od rezervacije bez mogućnosti povrata uplaćene akontacije. U cijenu aranžmana (ukoliko u programu putovanja nije drugačije navedeno) u pravilu je uključeno sljedeće:

-    usluge prijevoza
-    hotelske i ugostiteljske usluge
-    organizacija putovanja

Ukoliko je navedeno u programu putovanja, cijena može sadržavati i troškove stručnog i lokalnog vođenja ili druge usluge definirane u programu. U cijenu aranžmana nije uključeno sljedeće (osim ako nije drugačije dogovoreno):

-    fakultativni (neobavezni) izleti i posjeti
-    mogući troškovi pribavljanja i izdavanja viza
-    ulaznice za objekte koji se posjećuju
Sve vrste posebnih usluga (doplata za jednokrevetnu sobu, posebna prehrana i sl.) PUTNIK plaća dodatno i dužan ih je naručiti prilikom prijave putovanja. Ukoliko PUTNIK traži posebnu uslugu za vrijeme putovanja, plaća je na licu mjesta vodiču ili predstavniku agencije, u valuti zemlje u kojoj se nalazi.


Cijene svih aranžmana temeljene su na odnosu vrijednosti kune i stranih valuta. SUPER TOURS može zahtijevati povećanje ugovorene cijene ukoliko je nakon dana sklapanja ugovora došlo do:

-    promjene valutnih tečajeva u odnosu na dan objavljivanja programa
-    promjena troškova prijevoza (goriva, cestarina i sl.)
-    promjene tarifa hotelijera i prijevoznika

SUPER TOURS može o promjeni cijene aranžmana PUTNIKA izvijestiti pismeno ili usmeno, najkasnije do 10 dana prije početka putovanja. PUTNIK može otkazati aranžman bez troška otkaza ako dođe do povišenja cijene više od 10% u odnosu na ugovorenu i to najkasnije u roku od 48 sati od primljene pismene obavijesti. Ne otkaže li PUTNIK aranžman osobno dolaskom na prodajno mjesto SUPER TOURS-a ili pisanim putem u navedenom roku, smatra se da je suglasan s promjenom cijene. U slučaju otkaza putovanja zbog povećanja cijene većeg od 10% PUTNIK nema pravo na naknadu štete. PUTNIK se obvezuje prihvatiti povećanje cijene do 10%. Objavljene cijene rezultat su ugovora SUPER TOURS-a s partnerima i ne moraju odgovarati cijenama istaknutima na licu mjesta u odredištu u kojem PUTNIK boravi.


Molimo da obratite pozornost na popuste za djecu, kao i na ostale pogodnosti koje su posebno prikazane u opisu aranžmana.


PUTNIKU će svi putni dokumenti (vaučeri i eventualne pismene obavijesti) potrebni za provedbu aranžmana biti predani najkasnije 5 dana prije polaska na put, ukoliko u programu nije drugačije navedeno.


Putnici su obvezni posjedovati valjane osobne putne isprave. Nevaljane isprave, koje imaju za posljedicu odustajanje od putovanja, ne proizvode nikakve štetne posljedice za SUPER TOURS, a ukoliko bi zbog takvog propusta PUTINKA SUPER TOURS pretrpio dodatnu štetu, PUTNIK je dužan istu nadoknaditi. Ukoliko za vrijeme putovanja dođe do gubitka ili krađe putnih isprava, troškove izdavanja novih isprava snosi sam PUTNIK. Osoblje agencije će pomoći PUTNIKU u slučaju gore navedene situacije, ali vodeći pritom računa o normalnom odvijanju programa. Ako je za neko putovanje potrebna viza, SUPER TOURS može posredovati u pribavljanju iste uz posebnu doplatu. SUPER TOURS nije odgovoran za odluke carinskih, policijskih i drugih državnih tijela kojima se Putniku ne dozvoljava ulazak u pojedinu zemlju.


Ukoliko PUTINIK otkaže aranžman SUPER TOURS od ukupne cijene aranžmana zadržava:

-    do 30 dana prije polaska 10% cijene aranžmana, a najmanje 100 kn
-    29 - 22 dana prije polaska 25% cijene aranžmana
-    21 - 15 dana prije polaska 40% cijene aranžmana
-    14 - 8 dana prije polaska 80% cijene aranžmana
-    7 – 0 dana prije polaska 100% cijene aranžmana
-    nakon polaska 100% cijene aranžmana

Navedeni troškovi otkaza primjenjuju se i na promjene datuma polaska ili smještajnog objekta, odnosno tipa sobe/apartmana kao i na sve druge bitne promjene. Eventualna drugačija otkazna skala od navedene nalazi se u programu i katalogu na koji se ta skala odnosi. Ako PUTNIK koji otkaže putovanje nađe novog korisnika iste rezervacije, a koji ispunjava sve predviđene uvjete, SUPER TOURS zaračunava samo troškove uzrokovane zamjenom. Kod otkazivanja svih aranžmana ne isplaćuje se trošak nabave vize/a ni putnih isprava. U slučaju da PUTNIK otkaže ili skrati putovanje zbog vremenskih uvjeta, SUPER TOURS će primijeniti gore navedenu skalu, a naknadne reklamacije neće uvažiti.


Ponuđeni smještajni kapaciteti u programima SUPER TOURS-a opisani su prema službenoj kategorizaciji dotične zemlje važećoj u trenutku izdavanja programa. Prehrana, komfor kao i druge usluge u ponudi hotela/apartmana pod nadzorom su mjesnih turističkih uprava, a standardi smještaja i usluga su različiti i nisu usporedivi. SUPER TOURS ne preuzima odgovornost za usmenu ili pismenu informaciju koja nije u skladu s opisom usluga i objekata u objavljenim programima, a koja je dobivena od strane treće osobe. Raspored smještaja u sobama ili apartmanima određuje recepcija u mjestu boravka. Ukoliko PUTNIK nije izričito ugovorio sobu/apartman posebnih odlika, prihvatit će bilo koju službeno registriranu sobu/apartman za izdavanje u pojedinom objektu ili destinaciji opisanom u programu putovanja. Smještaj nije moguć prije 16 sati na dan početka korištenja usluge, a isti se mora napustiti do 10 sati na dan završetka korištenja usluge, ukoliko u programu putovanja nije drugačije navedeno. Za kasnije dolaske u smještajne objekte (iza 20 sati) potrebno je prethodno, najmanje jedan dan prije polaska na put o tome obavijestiti SUPER TOURS, ukoliko takav kasniji dolazak nije predviđen programom putovanja. Ako PUTNIK koristi trokrevetnu ili višekrevetnu sobu u hotelu, hotelijer najčešće daje dvokrevetnu sobu s pomoćnim ležajem. Kvaliteta pomoćnog (dodatnog) ležaja u potpunosti ovisi o hotelu. SUPER TOURS ni u kom slučaju ne snosi odgovornost po bilo kojem pitanju kvalitete pomoćnog ležaja te eventualno nezadovoljstvo putnika proizašlo iz ovih razloga ne može biti predmetom prigovora.


Trošak rezervacije u trenutku kada nema slobodnih mjesta za traženi aranžmani iznosi 100 kn. Uplatom navedenog iznosa SUPER TOURS prihvaća prijavu rezervacije na upit i osigurava dodatno mjesto (mjesto na upit). Ukoliko se dodatno mjesto osigura i prihvati od strane PUTNIKA, prethodno uplaćeni trošak rezervacije na upit uračunat će se u cijenu aranžmana. Ukoliko rezervaciju na upit SUPER TOURS nije u mogućnosti potvrditi, uplaćeni iznos rezervacije na upit u cijelosti se vraća uplatitelju. Odbijanjem ponuđene rezervacije SUPER TOURS zadržava uplaćeni iznos na ime pokrića troškova rezervacije na upit.


Ukoliko se ne prijavi dovoljan broj putnika, SUPER TOURS zadržava pravo otkaza putovanja, ali najkasnije 5 dana prije početka putovanja. Najmanji broj putnika potreban za izvršenje pojedinog putovanja posebno je naznačen kod svakog programa/aranžmana. SUPER TOURS zadržava pravo potpune i djelomične promjene programa putovanja ukoliko prije početka putovanja nastupe izvanredne okolnosti koje nije bilo moguće predvidjeti ili izbjeći. SUPER TOURS zadržava pravo promjene dana ili sata polaska zbog izmjena reda letenja ili nastupanja nepredviđenih okolnosti, kao i pravo izmjene pravca putovanja ukoliko se promjene uvjeti putovanja kao što su neki od sljedećih: promjena reda letenja, sigurnosna situacija u zemlji, vremenske (ne)prilike i to bez isplate odštete, a prema važećim propisima u međunarodnom prometu. Ukoliko SUPER TOURS otkaže putovanje, PUTNIK ima pravo na isplatu uplaćenog iznosa u cijelosti, ali ne i na naknadu štete.


Ukoliko PUTNIK prilikom prijave za putovanje predviđa da bi zbog određenih situacija morao otkazati putovanje, preporučujemo uplatu police osiguranja od otkaza. Osiguranje od otkaza ne može se uplatiti naknadno nego samo kod prijave za putovanje. Osiguranje od otkaza vrijedi samo u slijedećim slučajevima, i to iz obavezno pismenu potvrdu: vojni poziv, bolest, smrtni slučaj u užoj obitelji. Ukoliko PUTNIK nema ugovoreno osiguranje od otkaza, a mora otkazati putovanje i ima potvrdu o vojnom pozivu, bolest ili smrtnom slučaju SUPER TOURS zadržava pravo isplate prema pravilima navedenim u ovim uvjetima pod ODUSTAJANJE OD PUTOVANJA. Kod otkazivanja aranžmana ne isplaćuje se trošak nabavke viza i u slučaju da PUTNIK ima uplaćeno osiguranje od otkaza. Uplatom police osiguranja od otkaza PUTNIK sva svoja potraživanja prenosi na osiguravajuće društvo čiju policu osiguranja od otkaza posjeduje, a SUPER TOURS se obvezuje PUTNIKU osigurati svu dokumentaciju potrebnu za ostvarivanje potraživanja PUTNIKA prema osiguravajućem društvu, a koja se odnosi na aranžman. Svi uvjeti otkaza navedeni su u polici osiguranja te svakom putniku preporučujemo da ih osobno pročita.


PUTNIK je dužan obavijestiti SUPER TOURS o svim činjenicama u pogledu svog zdravlja, navika i sl. a koje bi mogle ugroziti odvijanje putovanja (ako iz zdravstvenih i drugih razloga traži određenu vrstu hrane, boluje od kronične bolesti, alergija i sl). U nekim programima navedena su posebna pravila za putovanje koja obuhvaćaju obavezno cijepljenje i nabavku odgovarajućih dokumenata. PUTNIK je dužan obaviti obavezno cijepljenje kao i posjedovati potvrde i dokumente o tome. Preporučujemo uplatu police za zdravstveno osiguranje.


Putnici su dužni pridržavati se deviznih i carinskih propisa, kao i zakona i podzakonskih propisa Republike Hrvatske i drugih zemalja kroz koje prolaze i u kojima borave. U slučaju nemogućnosti nastavka putovanja radi kršenja propisa od strane PUTNIKA, sve nastale troškove snosi sam PUTNIK koji je prekršio propise.


Prijevoz prtljage zrakoplovom je besplatan do neke težine koju određuje zrakoplovni prijevoznik. Višak prtljage PUTNIK plaća prema važećim cijenama zračnog prijevoznika. Djeca, bez obzira na dob, nemaju pravo na besplatan prijevoz prtljage u zračnom prijevozu. Kod prijevoza autobusom PUTNIK može ponijeti 2 komada osobne prtljage. PUTNIK je dužan voditi brigu o svojim stvarima unesenima u kabinu autobusa te ih je prilikom svakog napuštanja istog dužan ponijeti sa sobom. U protivnom, PUTNIK sam snosi odgovornost za krađu, gubitak ili oštećenje stvari ostavljenih u kabini autobusa bez njegovog nadzora.


SUPER TOURS je dužan brinuti se o izvršenju usluga, kao i o izboru davatelja usluga pažnjom dobrog gospodarstvenika te je dužan skrbiti o pravima i interesima PUTNIKA sukladno dobrim običajima u turizmu. SUPER TOURS je dužan PUTNIKU pružiti sve ugovorene usluge za pojedini aranžman te dati odgovore zbog možebitnog neizvršenja usluga ili dijela usluga. SUPER TOURS će sve navedene obveze iz svojih programa izvesti u potpunosti i na opisani način, osim u slučaju "više" sile ili promijenjenih okolnosti. Ako bude moguće, SUPER TOURS će u takvim slučajevima ponuditi zamjensko rješenje. SUPER TOURS nije dužan pružati usluge van ovih Uputa i uvjeta. SUPER TOURS ne odgovara za eventualne pogreške u tisku.


PUTNIK je dužan brinuti se da osobno ispuni uvjete predviđene propisima Republike Hrvatske i zemlje kroz koju ili u koju putuje te je dužan pridržavati se kućnog reda u hotelskim i drugim objektima i surađivati s predstavnikom organizatora i davateljima usluga. PUTNIK sam odgovara za štetu koju prouzroči, a posebno za štetu koja je nastala kao posljedica nepoštivanja ugovora i ovih Uputa i uvjeta. Posljedice i troškove štete koju je prouzročio, PUTNIK će snositi odmah na recepciji hotela ili na drugom mjestu određenom od fizičke ili pravne osobe kojoj je štetu nanio.


U skladu sa Zakonom o turističkoj djelatnosti, u slučaju platne nemogućnosti ili stečaja SUPER TOURS-a, putnici zatečeni na putovanju, kao i osobe koje su uplatile akontacije za putovanje trebaju na najbrži način kontaktirati osiguravatelja navedenog na ugovoru o putovanju ili na drugom odgovarajućem dokumentu. Osiguravajuća kuća Jadransko osiguranje d.d. Zagreb, polica br. OV0688005533.


PUTNIK osobne podatke daje dobrovoljno. Osobni podaci PUTNIKA potrebni su u procesu realizacije ugovorenih aranžmana i koristit će se za daljnju komunikaciju. SUPER TOURS se obvezuje da osobne podatke PUTNIKA neće iznijeti iz zemlje osim u svrhu realizacije ugovorenih aranžmana. Iznimka od davanja osobnih podataka trećim osobama odnosi se na ugovaranje polica putnog osiguranja, odnosno ukoliko PUTNIK zaključi policu osiguranja, tada će se njegovi osobni podaci proslijediti osiguravajućem društvu. Osobni podaci PUTNIKA čuvat će se u bazi podataka, sukladno Odluci Uprave društva o načinu prikupljanja, obrade i čuvanja osobnih podataka. PUTNIK je suglasan da se njegovi osobni podaci mogu koristiti u svrhu realizacije ugovornih aranžmana i marketinških akcija SUPER TOURS-a.


Ove Upute i uvjeti sastavni su dio Ugovora kojeg PUTNIK sklapa s SUPER TOURS-om, odnosno s ovlaštenom putničkom agencijom u kojoj se prijavio za putovanje u organizaciji SUPER TOURS-a. Moguća/predviđena odstupanja od ovih Uputa i uvjeta, moraju biti navedena uz tekst programa putovanja. Potpisivanjem ugovora PUTNIK u cijelosti prihvaća program i ove Upute i uvjete. Izdavanjem ovih Uputa i uvjeta prestaju važiti sva ranije izdanja.




By sending this inquiry I explicitly state that I voluntarily offered the disposal of my data to SUPER TOURS and am allowing that they use the same for the intent of the protection of my personal interests in all affairs contracted with SUPER TOURS.

This includes forwarding my personal data to third persons. Third persons are considered to be these persons that are essential for the realization of bookings concluded between SUPER TOURS and me.

I explicitly allow SUPER TOURS to use my personal date in their domestic and international evidence.

I agree that SUPER TOURS may use my personal data three years.




Slanjem upita izričito izjavljujem da sam osobne podatke ugovaratelja i putnika stavio/stavila dragovoljno na raspolaganje organizatoru putovanja /agenciji posredniku te dopuštam da se isti koriste u cilju zaštite mojih interesa i interesa putnika u svim poslovima koje ugovaram. To uključuje i prosljeđivanje ovih podataka trećim osobama u zemlji i inozemstvu. Trećim osobama smatraju se osobe koje su neophodne za realizaciju ovog putovanja/usluge.

Ovi se podaci mogu koristiti i za daljnju međusobnu komunikaciju. Agencija se obvezuje osobne podatke čuvati najduže tri godine u bazi podataka, sukladno odluci putničke agencije o načinu prikupljanja, obrade i čuvanja osobnih podataka. Agencija se obvezuje da neće ove podatke iznijeti, dati ili prodati trećoj osobi, osim u svrhu realizacije tražene usluge. Iznimka od davanja osobnih podataka trećim osobama odnosi se na ugovaranje osiguranja od rizika otkaza, od posljedica nesretnog slučaja i od rizika oštećenja i gubitka prtljage, kao i za potrebe dragovoljnog dodatnog zdravstvenog osiguranja putnika za vrijeme puta i boravka u inozemstvu.

Ukoliko putnik zaključi policu osiguranja, osobni podaci proslijedit će se osiguravajućem društvu.


According to the article 6. item 3. of the Law on Provision of Services in Tourism (“Narodne novine” nr., 130/17) we inform customers that complaints about the quality of our services can be submitted in writing form to the address:

Super Tours d.o.o.
Business Center Atlant
Dr Ante Starčevića 24
20 000 Dubrovnik

Super Tours d.o.o.
Branch office Zagreb
Hotel Westin
Izidora Kršnjavoga 1
10 000 Zagreb

or to the e-mail address: info@supertours.eu

The answer to Your complaint will be provided in written form no later than 15 days after the receipt of the complaint.

Name and surname: ___________________
Response delivery address: ___________________


Sukladno članku 6. st. 3. Zakona o pružanju usluga u turizmu (“Narodne novine” br. 130/17) obavještavamo kupce da prigovor na kvalitetu naših usluga mogu dostaviti u pisanom obliku na adresu:

Super Tours d.o.o.
Business Center Atlant
Dr Ante Starčevića 24
20 000 Dubrovnik


Super Tours d.o.o.
Poslovnica Zagreb
Hotel Westin
Izidora Kršnjavoga 1
10 000 Zagreb

ili na e-mail adresu: info@supertours.eu

Odgovor na Vaš prigovor dati ćemo u pisanom obliku najkasnije 15 dana od isteka primitka prigovora.

Ime i prezime: ___________________
Adresa ili e-mail adresa za dostavu odgovora: ___________________